Aripitbhai Gabhavala,

Pinkyben Gabhavala,



After long span of marriage we didn’t have child. Though we are rich but after using Healing and pyramid. We got healthy male chilled.

Himanshu H. Ravani, Payal H. Ravani

We met Dr. Jaykrishnabhai before three years but He is very much familiar for us and our family. He is friend and philosopher of Ravani family. I am very happy to share my experience. I have to admit that their is a drastic change in my economical condition. After his guidance. I get the job in national level company He has knowledge of Astrology too. Aayurved, Fengshui , Vaastu, Pyramid pendulum, Numerology. Helps me lot.

I didn’t have child. But after taking his guidance that problem solved. He always guide me and my family. May God bless him. And wish his progress in all field.

Jayshree ben patel [ Londan U.K. ]

Though I lived in London since eleven years, I did not get citizenship and my passport was confiscated.
- But after using Healing System and pyramid. Each and every problem solved within two months. B Dr. Jaykrishana patel

Yogesh Patel [ ODE U.S.A.]

I get Strait forward solation from Dr. Jaykrishnabhai regarding my problems. I get lots of advantages and I get progress in each and every field of life.

Jaypal sinh Raulji [ Student ]

- I lived in small village that’s why I face many problems regarding Education. But often taking Dr. Jaykrishnabhai’s guidance and treatment, I keep certain Substances with me. Because of that I get good education and each and every problems regarding education were solved. Then I got good job too
- After takeing his acupressure treatment, my family members get good result

I was failed in my 12th Science exam. But after using Rudraksh, crystal, fengsui card, I got success in my exam. Today I finished nursing with good percentage I also get degree from Benglore.

Kamlesh R. Patel. [U.S.A].

I had drinking Alkohol problem and because of that I faced many problems. My relation with other people were spoiled. But often pendulum therapy every thing become normal. And I get the success in various business.

Jignesh Shah [ New Zealand ]

Dr. Jaykrishnabhai ‘s guidance is very helpful for me to settle down in each and every field of life. His substances are very useful and give the inspiration also work as an anchoring for getting progress. I have the Complete faith in his Substances. and therapy. It gives you drastic change.

Mehul Desai [ Business Man]

After Following Dr. Jaykrishnabhai’s instruction, I got U.S.A. visa for my family including two children. And my business is growing too. I got the solution of each and every problem.

Jitendra Swaminarayan

- [Alternative Therapist and Vastu]
- His guidance about Reki knowledge Vastu , Fengshui, Crystal knowledge of Pendulum therapy makes vital difference in my life. It can change your approach. Towards life and makes it positive.

Pragnesh patel [ Pintoo ]

As a my good friend and well wisher he is ready genius in a vastu, Astrology etc. Today I am earning five figure because of his guide – line. And day to day teach me as a enthusiastic and marketing people.

Prakruti pandya [Air hostess]

In our profession we have to be very alert, fit and reading for work any time I did yoga and meditation. But after tailing Dr. Jaykrishna bhai’s guidance I can enjoy my work and do it with perfection. I didn’t met him even for once but he can understand my problems very well and give me the right guidance.

Prof.Dr.Jwalant Vora


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