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It is vital that every person has Horoscope forecasted and Understands the Influence of Planetary Movements. This is because the study of planets can indicate the results of our past, present and future events. Astrology is not about guesswork, but is based on Arithmetical Calculations and the Movements of Planets that are Linked to events in the life of each individual.


Numerology is a science and art, which is little understood and often much maligned. To many people Numerology is simply a fun game, while to others is a subject to be studied seriously. Numbers have held a special fascination for many thousands of years. It has been the means for generations of people to try to understand themselves and unravel the mysteries of the future. Numbers are universal and no-one knows their origin. We do know that many early civilizations such as the Egyptians, the Hebrews, the Chileans and the Hindus studied numbers as a science and recorded their discoveries. It has been said that everything has been hidden in numbers since the beginning of human awareness of time.

Acupressure Therapy

It is a way to health by a technique of applying direct pressure with fingers, thumb or palms of hand, over certain key-points over the body. Proper circulation of blood to even the remotest part body is essential to keep body free from congestion and aliments. Circulation is life , stagnation is death. This therapy stimulates blood circulation by relieving congestion in nerve endings and muscles.

Four different systems of treatment can be included under acupressure therapy

1.    zone therapy

2.    foot reflexology

3.    Shiatsu therapy

4.    Meridian Points Therapy

Magnetic Therapy

Magnet therapy is a curative treatment by which the diseases of the body are removed by placing magnets on the appropriate part of the body. It can not only cure illness but also gives new stamina to people. It corrects irregularities of the living body and improves health. This therapy is easy, economical and effective for solving health problems.

Magnetic contact activates the iron content of the blood and a current is generated. This current in turn activates all the fundamentals in the body like the irons, cells, tissues, glands and nerves


T he word yoga comes from the Sanskrit word yuj means to unite. The process involves viyoga or separation leading to yoga. This seems to be a paradox but it is not so. Viyoga is the separation of consciousness from the sensorial perception, mind and intellect and slowly trying to unite it with the cosmic consciousness. Patanjali,the great risbi,who enunciated the Yoga Sutras called his system yoga without giving any specific appellation to it.


Meditation is silencing the incessant chatter of the restless mind, for that we begin with the breath. Meditation is the science of energy maximization, science of physical health.

Laws of Meditation :-

When we are with the simple, normal, easy, natural flow of the breath the mind becomes rather empty

  • When the mind is rather empty , huge amounts of cosmic energy flood into the physical body.. into the physical ness.

  • When sufficient amount  of cosmic energy enters the physical body the result is a reasonable amount of activation of the third eye.

Tarot Reading

Tarot Reading is the best from of Divination :it has been time –tested for thousands of years. We undertake the ancient and Clairvoyance based Tarot Reading (non-astrological approach) that can pinpoint and reveal even subtle cosmic energies and can determine the vital life force energies that are being received by human being ,buildings and land from all the 8 cardinal direction. Also to understand the Karmas of both previous and current births, identify the primary problems of life ,to locate the root reasons for those problems ,to become aware of the magnitude of those obstacles, to gain knowledge of the hidden enemies and dangers, to check and reveal the presence of black magic ,evil entities, to seek the perfect remedies which will fully and permanently solve any specific or life- time problems, etc.

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