Asta Lakshmi with shree yantra

Lakshmi is the feminine Goddess of prosperity, blessing the humanity in the form of Asta lakshmi. Astalakshmi with shree yantra is a powerful symbol of wealth. And divinity. These coins are energized by offering to wealth gods and goddesses and then used in our cash boxes, jewel boxes, Pooja room Pocket, and so on. More powerful lakshmi that can be purified and energized by the following mantra."Aum shring Hring kleeng Maha Lakshmaye Namah" is the mantra brings mother lakshmi’s blessings in the form of peace, prosperity and harmony. Astalakshmi Eight Lakshmi is a popular wealth yantra used.

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Saraswati Poster Card

It should be placed in the Study room, Workplace, Office. It helps to increase in Concentration , Rapid Progress, Growth, Wisdom, Increase in Memory.

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Stars Moon Cards

You have negative difficulties for children, Loss of Joy, hard to save money, emotional block. It can be placed in Living Room, Bed Room, Pocket, and Positive Space in a Building on a room or a life. It helps Completion of Projects, Sociable and Happy. Excess Creates Obsession for Pleasure and Tendency to Greediness

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My First Billion

For enhancing prosperity, Feng-shui and vaasthu are suggesting many methods like directional lord prayer, element activation, color combination, material placement and so on. Using antique coins with spiritual letter and divine signs for prosperity is our Traditional practice.

Indian Vaastu encourage using gold, sliver, bronze or copper lakshmi coins as a symbol of lshwaryam. Keeping them in purses or sticking them on cash ledgers and putting in hand bags are our regular practice of energizing.

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Deepam Card

DEEPAM in special occasions like birthday parties, marriage ceremonies, prayer halls, altars and rooms are for the purpose of dedication to something and Yin & Yang balancing. It is a western culture of summoning the angels for peace and harmony in the space. It is vital to space clearing ceremony. Because the act of lighting them is activating the whole thing. Lighting the Deepam is an important movement to focus the intention in performing the ceremony. This is almost equal to our culture of lighting oil Lamps. So let us not think that this is something against our culture. The important festivals like Deepavali, karthik Deep and Christmas are mainly connected to lighting lamps/candles Deepam only.

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Laughing Buddha

Laughing Buddha, being a cheerful, contented Buddhist Monk, is a wonderful little Icon  where just the appearance can have the ability to cheer anyone up from a bad day. His largely exposed, pot-belly stomach protrudes in front of him as he continues to laugh through never ending time.

This familiar looking statue can be found just about any-where in the world, and maybe better known as the laughing Buddha.

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It should be placed at the entrance of the house or living room to balance equal positive & negative energy. It cannot be placed in the kitchen. A pair of logo has to be placed in case of bed room or SW area as it is the ultimate symbol which encapsulates the complementary nature of the male/female union.

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The Double Happiness Symbol is  extremely effective for activating energies in the house or office. This regarded as a symbol of luck, success, wisdom, peace and prosperity. It can be fixed in the  corner of youngster’s room for good marriage life and master bedroom to activate wedding life of the married couple.

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The Mystic Knot

This Mystic knot is called as an endless knot, the perfect emblem for undying love, symbol suitable for ensuring that the romance in marriage will last. A symbol for longevitiy and endless togetherness. Hang or place in the SW corner of your bedroom.

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The Phoenix Bird

The mythical phoenix emerging form the flames, wings stretched, is a rapturous scene. The Phoenix is associated with immorality, blessed with the power of infinite re-birth and endless luck and symbolically worshipped by a wide audience throughout Asia and Europe.

In Fengshui, the Phoenix represents Yin splendor and female beauty. The Chinese phoenix, sovereign of all birds, has the head of the golden pheasant, the beak of the parrot, the body of the mandarin duck, the wings of the roc, the features of the

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